2 Meter 10A IEC-C19 POWER LEAD


IEC-C19 10 Amp Power Cord Fitted with a female IEC-C19 connector and an Australian 10 Amp 3-pin mains plug with insulated pins compliant with AS/NZS3112.


  • Type: IEC socket to IEC plug
  • Colour: Black
  • Application: Residential/General purpose
  • Rated voltage: 250V
  • Rated Current: 10A
  • Insulation: 2.55 ±0.05mm 45P PVC
  • Jacket: 7.0 ±0.1mm Black 55P PVC
  • Conductor: 32/0.2BC
  • 3G 1.0mm2 power cord
  • ROHS Compliant
  • AS/NZS3112 compliant
  • Approval numbers: Q050981(ES0120718), Q11027, Q080451(ES0130530)


This power lead has been tested and certified when it was used as a combination with all different rating plugs and cables. This 10A 3pin plug configuration was specially requested by some of our customers, as they found 15A 3pin plug is very hard to fit in the normal/common power sockets. If you want to use this power lead together with particular instrument, you need to check how much current the instrument will draw from the mains, and make sure it does not draw more than 10A to avoid potential risk. If it is, you may have to change it to K19-2MB15A power lead instead, PLEASE CLICK HERE, which is rated 15A for both plugs and cable.