5 Dioptre LED Illuminated Magnifying Lamp


Magnify and illuminate objects for analysis. A must have tool for technicians, researchers, or for general hobby work that involves soldering, connecting wires between small parts, and other fiddly jobs where the human eye simply does not suffice. This model has a metal frame and a 5 dioptre lens allowing excellent magnification. The main extension arm can be maneuvered in a myriad of ways to achieve perfect positioning and the lens is ringed with 90 bright white LEDs.


  • 5 dioptre lens
  • Lens Dia. 127mm
  • Mains powered
  • 90 x bright white LEDs
  • Total extended length : 770(L)mm
  • Magnifier light dimensions: 275(L) x 215(W)mm

Rolling base mount is available separately Click Here