Atten 60W Soldering Station

ATTEN Instruments

The digital soldering station is temperature-controlled with an adjustable soldering tip temperature. The adjustable temperature lets you perform all soldering workin the field of electronics with various soft solders (with lead or silver solder).
  • Exchangeable Soldering Tip.
  • The display shows the nominal and the current temperature.
  • Three programmable buttons can be assigned freely selectable temperature values.
  • A high-impedance potential equalization socket enablesapplication on MOS components or ESD workstations and protects you from static charge during soldering.
  • The soldering station is designed in protective class 2 (reinforced insulation) and may only be operated with common household voltage (110/220V~/60/50Hz).
Power Supply:210-240V
Output Power: 60W (max)
Temperature Range: 150°C - 450°C (302°F - 842°F) ± 1°C
Tip and ground impedance: <2 Ohm
Tip and ground potential: <5mV
Heating Element: 2 cores,60W

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