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DOSS 2.5A 0-30VDC Bench Top Power Supply


Make testing and prototyping with this multi-voltage bench top PSU

Featuring TWIN LCD Voltage & Current Meters.DC Regulated power supply, 0 to 30 volts, 0 to 2.5 Amps, with Fixed 5 Volt and 12 Volt Outputs.

Completely solidstate, compact, well regulated, constant voltage power supply suitable for service field, hobby & telecommunication equipment use.


  • Variable output: Voltage.. 0-30VDC Current.. 0-2.5Amps
  • Low current push terminals or high current post terminals
  • Current & voltage LCD meters


  • Ripple & noise (RMS): 5mV
  • Line regulation: 0.05% +/- 10mV
  • Lo ad regulation: 0.05% +/- 10mV
  • Fixed voltage: 5V / 500m A max, 12V / 500mA max
  • Power source: 220/240VAC 50Hz
  • Dimensions.: 150 x 145 x 200mm
  • Weight: 2.8Kg