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TF Kabel FR3013 Flexible Fire Rated Power Cable


FR3013 Flexible Fire Rated Power Cable


Flexible bare copper class 5 fine wire stranding, glass mica tape, cross-linked, halogen free, flame-retardant compound type X-HF-110 acc. to AS/NZS 3808, red low smoke halogen-free type HSF-110TP meter marked sheath to AS/NZS 3808.

Features, Rating and Approvals

Flexibility for easy installation
REACH and RoHS compliant
Halogen free acc. to IEC 60754-1
Flame-retardant: AS/NZS 1660.5.1;
IEC 60332-3-22 Cat. A; IEC 60332-1
Cable circuit integrity:
AS/NZS 1660.5.5; IEC 60331;
BS 6387, Cat. C.W.Z
Wiring system circuit integrity:
AS/NZS 3013, Cat. WS52W
Smoke density: AS/NZS 1660.5.2;
IEC 61034-2
Halogen acid gas content:
AS/NZS 1660.5.3, IEC 60754-1
Gases evolved during combustion:
AS/NZS 1660.5.4, IEC 60754-2

Bending Radius:
8 x cable diameter

Nominal Voltage

Temperature Range:

Core Colour Coding

  • Single Cores : Natural
  • 2 core + earth : Red, Black, Green/Yellow
  • 4 core + earth : Red, White, Blue, Black, Green/Yellow

Outer Sheath Colour: Red



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