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KYORITSU 6201A Portable Appliance Tester


Portable appliance testers specifically designed to test single phase Class I and Class II portable appliances and extension leads up to 10A current rating to AS/NZS 3760 - In-service safety inspection and testing of electrical equipment.


  • The 6201A is a portable appliance tester, performing four functions to ensure the safety of Class I and Class II appliances. It can also measure the mains voltage. 
  • It has function to perform an extension lead test. 
  • Insulation test voltage selectable for 250V or 500V 
  • The tester is conveniently colour coded for ease of use 
  • Readings are displayed on a large LCD 
  • Four (4) dual colour LEDs clearly display a Pass or Fail indication for threshold values dictated by AS/NZS 3760.