LCD 'Vernier' Type Engineers Calipers


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This precision instrument is made out of surgical grade stainless steel. It features a 5 digit LCD display.

The display will show readings in metric - 3 significant figures plus 2 decimal and in imperial - 2 significant figures and would you believe 3.5 decimal. (The fourth figure is either 0 or 5).
The caliper can be zeroed at any point on the scale. A quality product at a fabulous price. Supplied with a sturdy clip-lock case with foam retainer and provision for spare battery.


  • 0 - 150mm (0-6") range
  • Resolution 0.01mm / 0.0005" (repeatability same)
  • LR-44 battery powered (supplied)
  • Battery life 12 months nominal
  • Operating temperature 0 - 40°C
  • Thumbscrew slide damper
  • Case measurement 250 x 90 x 27mm.