Powertran 10W 6 -15V Fold Out Portable Solar Battery Charger


This compact carry case houses a 10W mono crystalline solar panel for charging your devices in remote locations where mains power is not available.

A 5V USB 1.5A output is provided for direct charging connection to your smartphone, tablet or GPS.

A typical smartphone will take between 2 and 4 hours to charge with sufficient sunlight.

A tablet may take much longer (10-12 hours) as these are generally fitted with far higher capacity batteries.

A 6V and 15V output are also provided which can be connected to the included car accessory socket adaptor.

Multiple units can also be daisy-chained together for faster charging (lead included).


Closed: 210 x 290 x 50mm
Open: 720 x 290mm x 30mm