Survival Emergency Solutions Explorer First Aid Kit

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The added components complete the Explorer First Aid KIT and make it so useful for anyone who has kids or works outdoors. You can also attach a torch to the lanyard if you like. Imagine being 200kms from help and being able to quickly find the right bandage for a snake bite or see clearly to apply burn gel to a serious burn.

This is the best kit in Australia for anyone who is active and is constantly in the outdoors. It is ideal for work vehicles, office cars, 4WD, tradies or for hiking and adventures. 

What’s different between the Explorer KIT and the Vehicle KIT

In the Explorer kit, you get the same first aid kit that is called the Vehicle KIT and you get the Bites and Stings module and an antiseptic liquid.

Product Key Features

  • The Explorer KIT makes your work vehicle or car compliant with the new WHS regulations and for remote areas work
  • The first aid bag is the most innovative and best on the market
  • The KIT is water resistant, but don't go submerging it for long periods of time, and is durable with strong zips and has double stitched handles
  • We have added QR codes to make it easy for you to scan and link with the restock portal
  • This has ARTG approval 186631
  • We offer a 30 day money back guarantee
  • We are an Australia owned company and designed in Australia

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