Weller 50W Soldering Station - WES51D


50 watts of controlled power ideal for continuous production soldering.
This new Weller station features a new heater and sensor design that allows for quick heat-up and recovery. Temperature lockout and tip temperature offset ability come standard, as does an automatic shut off feature that extendstip, iron, and station life.

Features & Benefits

  • Wireless temperature lockout to prevent operatures from raising the tempe ratures to levels higher than specified for the board or component
  • Gives you control over the process
  • Wireless Tip Temperature Calibration, which provides theuser with cap ability of resetting station temperature readings to
  • variations in tip sizes and styles
  • Quick heat-up and temperature recovery - allows continuous production soldering
  • Slim, comfortable hand piece - reduces operator fatigue
  • ESD Safe to protect sensitive components
  • Input voltage: 240V

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