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80-watt soldering iron is ideal for production line soldering

Features three front panel "radio buttons" andtwo "up/down" scroll keys that allow you to perform quick, simple programming or pre-set frequently used temperature settings.

This station is completely self contained and does not require an external calibration module to program. Its extensive menu allows you to access special functions including temperature offset, °F/°C conversion, time and temperature setback, and temperature standby. Operator lockout feature, secured by a 3-digit code, allowsyou to restrict temperature settings within a pre-determined range. Auto-off feature allows you to programthe unit to switch off automatically after any number of minutes (up to 99) of inactivity to save power and tip life. Large, easy-to-read, high contrast LCD displays operating information at a glance. The station’s 80W soldering iron allows you to work with lead-free solder and is perfect for the production line where continuous soldering takes place. It increases the station’s ability to work on high-mass components where greater controlled power is required. The iron features a unique silver heating element and tip configuration that is more conductive, allowing heat to pass directly into the tip. Low-mass LT Series tips have faster recovery times when compared against other conventional irons and tips, resulting in little temperature loss when making multiple connections or during fast soldering. Station has a temperature range of 150-850°F ±9°F, is ESD-safe to protect sensitive components, and meets or exceeds all applicable MIL-STD and commercial soldering iron specifications (MIL-STD-2000, IPC-610, J-STD, etc.).

  • Power unit
  • Detachable 80W soldering iron with LTB (.094" chisel) tip
  • 4-position tilt stand for iron
  • Tip-cleaning sponge
  • Power on/off switch
  • 3-wire power cord