April 07, 2016


Since the release of their first pressurised hydration system, the team at GEIGERRIG
have provided more meaningful advancement to the hydration pack industry than any
other brand on the market. In 2016, they'll be continuing this trend with the release of
their latest innovation - the new Hydra Shot delivery system.
With the traditional Geigerrig water nozzle, biting down or squeezing it released a
steady stream of water. The new Hydra Shot takes the old style nozzle and adds a
150ml reservoir behind it. As the backpack is pressurised, the Hydra Shot's reservoir
is filled with liquid, which can then be squeezed to deliver a strong burst of liquid with
greater force than the traditional system.
The higher-powered Hydra Shot is perfect for when you need a quick hydration hit,
cool down spray or to clean serious dirt or scrapes. BNR will be introducing two new
models with the Hydra Shot Technology in April - The Rig Shot Black and Rig 7 Black.
Both models are constructed from highly durable nylon fabric, come with a 2-litre
hydration bladder and feature adjustable padded straps.

You can expect GEIGERRIG to continue perfecting and revolutionising their methods
of portable hydration for sport, military, recreational, industrial and medical use.