12/24VDC 80 LED Multi-Pattern Vehicle Strobe Light with Magnetic/Permanent Base


Keeping safe on a worksite, or attracting attention to your vehicle at an event - whatever your purpose - this multi-pattern strobe is versatile and couldn’t be easier to install.

Two strong magnets hold it firmly in place on your roof and a curly-cable to cigarette lighter plug means you can power it without any special wiring. Inside the protective plastic case are 80 high power amber LEDs - 10 banks of 8 LEDs each to be precise.

There are 10 different display patterns, so you can select the most attention-grabbing one for your situation. Modes include clockwise / anticlockwise rotation, side to side, fade in/out, and more.

Two rubber feet on the bottom of the unit cover powerful magnets and protect your paintwork. If you prefer to mount it permanently however, they unscrew for a clean, flush mount.

The cigarette lighter plug incorporates an on/off switch with LED power indicator, as well as a switch for selecting the display mode. Of course, please make yourself aware of any local laws for using external lighting on vehicles, on and off public roads. 


  • 80 High Power Amber LEDs
  • Cigarette lighter plug for power
  • 10 Selectable Flash Modes
  • Heavy duty magnetic base for secure mount
  • Suitable for trucks as well


  • Power: 12VDC and 24VDC
  • Colour: Amber
  • Cable: 3m flexible lead with cigarette lighter plug
  • Mounting:  Magnetic feet, or permanent screw mount
  • Dimensions: 280(W) x 165(D) x 62(H)mm (including mounting feet)

Flash Patterns

There are 10 available flash patterns.

Flash Pattern Description
1 ECE R65 Single Flash
2 Single Flash - Accelerate
3 SAE Double Flash
4 Quad Flash
5 Signal - Split
6 Quad Flash - Split
7 Single - Double Flash
8 Single/Double Flash, Multiple
9 Double Flash - Quad Flash
10 Double Flash/Quad Flash, Multiple

Box Contents

1 x Magnetic Strobe with Power Cable
2 x Magnetic Feet
1 x Bolt/Nut, washer, split washer & neoprene gasket