KEMO ELECTRONIC 12V 6A Battery Charging Regulator for Solar Panels

Kemo Electronic

Designed for efficiently charging 12V batteries using solar cells rated up to 6 amps.

It is easy to wire up, prevents battery discharge during low sunlight and indicates charging and full battery conditions using a yellow and green 3mm LED.

Ideal for charging 12V SLA batteries from solar panels up to 60 watts. 6 amp fuse and fuse holder recommended - not supplied.

Made in Germany


  • Input: 14 to 22V (open circuit voltage), nominal 12V
  • Max. input current: 6A
  • Inrush voltage: battery voltage < approx. 13.2V
  • Interrupting voltage: battery voltage > approx. 13.9V
  • Own power consumption: <3.9mA (LEDs on)
  • Dimensions: 72(W) x 50(D) x 43(H)mm