433MHz antenna with coaxial cable and SMA connector


To be used with 433MHz Gigalink Receivers

The ANT433S-N is a Ground Independent Helical Whip antenna with a length of 38cm. The base is made from a high grade N-connector to allow the whip antenna to be disconnected from the base. The gain is better than the standard ANT433S to give an even better transmission range. The antenna comes standard with a universal mounting bracket for wall or roof installations and includes 3.6 metres of low loss Cellfoil coaxial cable terminated with a SMA connector.


  • Easy to remove whip from the mounting base with an N-connector.
  • High gain at 4.5dBi
  • Tuned to the 433MHz band
  • Includes low loss cellfoil coaxial cable and mounting bracket
  • High quality SMA connector at the end of the coaxial cable


Frequency - 425.00 to 442.50Mhz

Turned Bandwidth - 17.50Mhz

Gain - 4.5 dBi

Impedance - 50 Ohms

Maximum Power - 25 Watt

Radiated Pattern - Omni Directional 

Length - 38 cm

Weight - 270 grams

Coaxial Length - 3.6 Meters, with N-Connector Base

Termination - SMA, Standard