Alternating Traffic Light Controller 24VDC Output, Version 2 - 2 Traffic Lights


Manually Operate two sets of Red/Green traffic lights with a selector switch

LED Indicators lights to easily show the user which light is activated. Great for weighbridge or one lane application where an operator has to manually control single lane of traffic.

Manufactured in Melbourne, 2 week lead time


  • IP66 Metal Enclosure 200x300x150mm
  • R/G LED indicator lights for status of each traffic light
  • 100-240VAC power input, 24VDC 3A out to traffic lights
  • 2pos On/Off Switch
  • 3pos selector switch for operation

Pos 1: Traffic Light 1 Green On - Traffic Light 2 Red On


Pos 2: Traffic Light 1 Red On - Traffic Light 2 Red On

Pos 3: Traffic Light 1 Red On - Traffic Light 2 Green On


  • Cable entry from the bottom removable gland plate