Electrical Plug Lockout Device - 4 Lock, 220/500V Rated

RS Pro

An essential addition to any electrical LOTO kit, Offering up to 4 worker lockout to ensure a collective decision needs to be made before unlocking.

This device offers a safe and effective method for locking out machinery by encasing plugs to prevent them being plugged in. The unit fits the complete plug within it, with the cable being fed through the access hole. Specifically designed to be large enabling plugs of all sizes can be secured.

Features and Benefits

  • Use on a range of plug sizes
  • Easy installation
  • 4 locks
  • Dimensions: 172 X 110 X 80 mm
  • With cable hole of Diameter : 25.4 mm
  • Packed single pieces in corrugated box
  • Weight around 175 grams

What is a lock-out device used for?

In industrial, manufacturing and laboratory environments lockout procedures are vital in ensuring health and safety regulation and guidelines are followed. Lockout-Tagout or 'LOTO' is used to ensure dangerous machinery or electricity can be properly shut off or shutdown without the ability to be started up again without removing the lockout device. Some devices require more than one person to unlock ensuring there is an agreement it is safe to action startup of the machinery.

Lockouts are used to shut down or lock dangerous machinery usually whilst maintenance or repair work is carried out, this ensures no harm to the person/employee carrying out the repairs. Lockouts come in a wide range of shapes, sizes and devices for example tags, hasps, kits, breaker switch lockout, energy isolation devices and switch lockouts.