Adjustable Timed Cycle Traffic Light Controller


The Adjustable Time Cycle Traffic Light Controller was developed to cater for customers who need a simple controller without vehicle detection.

It is ideal for temporary road works on construction sites where a normally two-lane road is reduced to a single lane with traffic using the single lane in each direction in an alternating fashion. It is also suitable for car park ramps where traffic volumes are low.

The Adjustable Time Cycle Traffic Light Controller works on a fixed time cycle and does not require any means of vehicle detection.

Put simply, it displays green to one direction of traffic for a pre-set time, followed by an ‘all-red’ period to ensure that the shared zone is clear, and then displays green in the opposite direction followed by another all-red period. 

Adjustment of the timings (A side green, B side green and all-red) are made by adjusting pressing up and down button for each.

The controller outputs are 24VDC and are suitable for use with our 2 aspect traffic lights. 

2 Aspect Red/Green Traffic Lights sold separately, click here to view range

Assembled in Melbourne, Australia.

1 week manufacture time.


Supply requirements 110-240VAC Input
Traffic signal outputs 24VDC, 2 x red/green
Green periods Independently adjustable 
All red clearance period Adjustable 
Adjustment method Push button up and down (1 sec intervals)
Housing IP66 UV Stablised Metal Enclosure, Wall Mountable.
Controller dimensions 300mm (H) x 300mm (W) x 200mm (D).