Genuino 101 board powered by Intel


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The Genuino 101 Development Board powered by Intel, and developed by Arduino and Intel®, is an educational tool for beginners to electronics and programming.

The more experienced among you can also use the board to prototype IoT designs such as wearables and Smart home/leisure devices. A successor to the Arduino Uno, the Genuino 101 board features extra functionality, notably Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), a six-axis accelerometer and a gyroscope..

Intel® Curie™ module

The Intel® Curie™ module packs accelerometer and gyro sensors and Bluetooth* Low Energy into an 8 × 11 mm footprint. The Intel® Curie™ module features a dual-core architecture — a host processor and a sensor subsystem — with shared on-die SRAM and flash memory. The host processor is built around a low power 32 MHz Intel® Quark™ SE core, and its instruction set features Intel® architecture and Intel® Pentium® x86 compatibility, with the exception of FPU instructions.


Intel® Pentium® x86 ISA-compatible CPU
  • 32 MHz clock, 32-bit address bus
  • 8 KB 2-way L1 instruction cache
  • 1.3 DMIPs/MHz
Sensor subsystem
  • ARC EM4 DSP with FPU
  • 8 KB L1 instruction cache, 8 KB data CCM
  • Tightly coupled I/O to interface sensors/actuators
  • 1.4 DMIPS/MHz 

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