E2S IS-MB1 Hazardous Area Instrinsically Safe LED Beacon



The IS-mB1 is a compact beacon with an array of six high output L.E.D's. Approvals include ATEX, IECEx and GOST-R for Zone 0 applications and FM approval for Class I Division 1 and Class I Zone 0 applications.

The IS-mB1 is suitable for all intrinsically safe signalling applications including fire, security and process control.

  • High output LED
  • ANZEx and IECEx EExia IIC T4 Intrinsically Safe, zone 0
  • 2 flash modes
  • IP65


Voltage: 16-28VDC via zener barrier

Current: 25mA

Light Output: 23cd(e)

Flash Rate: 1Hz or 2Hz selectable

Protection: IP65

Temp Rating (°C): -40 to +60

Duty: continuous

Cable Entry: 2 x 20mm gland knockouts

Construction: Flame retardant ABS

Weight: 0.4Kg

Approval: EEx ia IIC T4

Certificate No: ANZEx (07. 4044X),

IECEx (SIR 06. 0045X)


Unit may be powered by any certified zener barrier with

output parameters not exceeding-Uo: 28VDC Io: 93mA

Po: 0.66W

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