Jackson 8 Outlet Heavy Duty Metal Surge Protected Powerboard - PT8888


8 way surge protected power board with METAL casing.

Universal application and particularly beneficial in a workshop or commercial environment where normal boards may be easily damaged. Surge and overload protected with indicator lights. RFI protection as well as handy wall mounting slots built into the casing. Spaced power socket to house bulky transformers and power packs. Bright orange colour for added safety.


  • 8 Outlets
  • Metal casing
  • Surge & overload protected
  • 2 spaced Sockets


  • Voltage Rating 240VAC 50Hz
  • Current 10 Amps
  • Power Rating 2400 Watt
  • Surge Current 18,000A
  • Surge protection MOV (Metal Oxide Varistor)
  • Clamping voltage <275V
  • Energy absorption 525 Joules
  • Response Time < 20 nano sec