Klaxon Nexus Voice Sounder



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Nexus voice sounders combine normal sounder signals with a clear, synchronised voice message to help reduce confusion and distress during an active alarm.

Standard units are available with 4 pre-programmed messages in AC model and 7 pre-programmed messages in DC model. Alternative messages can be selected from an extensive message library covering almost any conceivable application.

All Nexus voice sounders have a USB interface that allows special messages in WAV format to be downloaded onto the sounder from any PC, providing users with the flexibility of adding/removing messages in-house.


  • Choice of up to 7messages via three volt free contacts (DC model)
  • Choice of up to 4 messages (AC model)
  • Extensive message library or bespoke messages available
  • Download messages in-field via built in USB port
  • Max 116dB (A) tone and 90dB (A) message outputs
  • Automatic synchronisation
  • Robust construction; IP66 rated for outdoor environments
  • Volume control - 20dB
  • Separate connections for sounder & beacon
  • Up to 64 Tones


Nexus DC Voice Version

  • Voltage: 24VDC
  • Current: 30mA
  • 7 Messages
  • 64 Tones

Instructions DC Version Click Here

Nexus AC Voice Version

  • Voltage: 110-240VAC
  • Current: 30mA
  • 4 Messages
  • 64 Tones

Instructions AC Version Click Here