Klaxon Sonos Sounder



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A general purpose electronic sounder.

Features the TimeSaver base where connections are made to the base during the initial wiring phase which results in faster and more reliable installation.
The sounder head ‘twists and clicks’ into the base on commissioning, avoiding the wiring and connection problems associated with traditional sounders.
Deep base units have weatherproof protection to IP65 and can be used in all locations both indoors and outdoors.
Sonos Sounder units are available in either red or white and with a choice of deep or shallow TimeSaver bases.


    • 9-60VDC or 110-240VAC
    • Up to 106dB at 1m
    • Simple ‘First Fix’ installation
    • 2 alarm stages
    • 32 tones
    • Tone and volume can be preset or adjusted off-base
    • IP Rating: IP65 (deep base)  IP21 (shallow base)
    • Synchronised alarm tones
    • Volume control - Typical 8dB (DC) 20dB (AC)
    • Operating Temp: -25ºC to +70ºC
    • Construction: Flame Retardant Polycarbonate
    • Cable Entries: Deep Base: 2 x 20mm cable glands
    • Weight: 0.22kg (shallow base) 0.25kg (deep base)

Audio Tone Sample Chart - Click Here

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