Klaxon Super M 127dB Motorised Siren



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The Klaxon Super M is a powerful motor driven siren which emits a very high sound output.

Designed for surface mounting, it has a separate mounting bracket which may be secured in position first to allow for easy installation. In addition, it comes pre-wired with 1 meter of cable.

It has a weatherproof construction when wall mounted and is suitable for continuous use.

The Super M is ideal for applications where a higher sound output is required such as in areas of high background noise.


  • High output siren sound (127dB), effective 200-300m depending on environment 
  • 240VAC (2.0A) or 110VAC (3.4A) Options
  • Sound Frequency: 1680Hz
  • Continuously rated
  • Omni-directional 360° coverage
  • Separate mounting bracket for easy installation
  • Long life and run time
  • Weatherproof for use both indoors and outdoors,
  • IP21A (IP55 when mounted with rotor down)
  • Pre-wired with 1m supply cable
  • 1.8kg weight

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