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KNIPEX Crimp Tool for Modular Plug, RJ11, RJ12, RJ45 Wire Size - 97 51 10


Made in Germany

  • Professional tool for cutting and stripping unshielded ribbon telephone cables
  • For crimping 6- and 8-pole Western plugs type RJ 11/12 (9.65 mm width) and type RJ 45 (11.68 mm width)


  • Crimp lever pincers for unshielded modular plug
  • RJ12 (6-pin, 9.65 mm wide)
  • RJ45 (8-pin, 11.68 mm wide)
  • For processing flat leads
  • With cutting and insulation stripping knife
  • Contacting and strain relief in one operation
  • Parallel crimping
  • Unlockable automatic lock
  • Retention stop for precise connect position