LAPP KABEL ÖLFLEX® EB CY Intrinsically Safe, EMC Screened, Flame-retardant PVC Control Cable



Control cable for intrinsically safe circuits according to IEC 60079-14/EN 60079-14/VDE 0165-1

  • Space-saving installation due to small cable diameters
  • Copper wire briad screening of ÖLFLEX® EB CY protects signal transmission within intrinsically sage circuit against electromagnetic interference
  • For intrinsically safe circuits (type of protection i - intrinsic safety) according to IEC 60079-14:2013 / EN 60079-14:2015 / VDE 0165-1:2014, section 16.2.2
  • In EMC-sensitive environments (electromagnetic compatibility)
    Product Features
    • Flame-retardant acc. to IEC 60332-1-2
    • High degree of screening, low transfer impedance (max. 250Ω/km at 30 MHz)
    • Based on EN 50525-2-51
    Cable Make-up
    • Fire-wire strand made of bare copper wires
    • Core insulation made of LAPP PVC Compound P8/1
    • Cores twisted in layers
    • Plastic foil wrapping
    • Tinned-copper braiding
    • Sheath colour RAL 5015 (blue)

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