LAPP KABEL ÖLFLEX® Robot 900 DP Highly Flexible Screened Robot PUR Cable



Screened Power, data & control cable designed for robotic applications. Designed for bend and twist applications

  • Allows much faster speed and accelerations which increases the economic efficiency of the machines 
  • Space-saving installation due to small cable diameters
  • Increased durability under harsh conditions thanks to robust PUR outer sheath
  • Resistant to contact with many mineral oil-based lubricants, diluted acids, aqueous alkaline solutions and other chemical media
  • Wide temperature range for applications in harsh climatic environments
  • Plant engineering
  • Industrial machinery and machine tools
  • Automated handling equipment
  • Multi-axis articulated robots
  • In power chains or moving machine parts
Product Features
  • Abrasion and notch-resistant 
  • Flame-retardant
  • High oil-resistance
  • Flexible at low temperatures
  • Low-adhesive surface
Product Make-up
  • Fine or extra-fine strands made of bare copper wire
  • Core insulation: TPE
  • Cores twisted in layers
  • PTFE tape wrapping
  • Screen wrapping of tinned copper wires
  • PUR outer sheath, black (RAL 9005)

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