MAGO Technology Cardet Noncontact Magnetic Vehicle Detection Sensor - CARDET-301

MAGO Technology

MAGO technology developed the special kind of FS type magnetic sensor and DI proximity sensor for the stable detection of vehicles on the road. 

CARDET series present an innovative solution for detecting cars on both outdoor and indoor road with a very low installation cost and an extremely long lifetime. 

  • CARDET can replace a loop coil and IR sensors. It does not need high cost of ground loop construction.  

  • The magnetic sensor inside CARDET is the feedback stabilizing magnetic sensor from military technology, and new integral type digital proximity sensor has the special capability of rejecting against noises on the road. 

  • CARDET sensors do not false trigger from a person, animal or weather, and it has an exceptional long product life, high reliability, low energy consumption.

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Max 1.8m Sensing Range

Kit contains: CARDET-301 sensor head with 2.5m lead + Relay Controller