MBA100 Mechanical Membrane Switch


Mechanical Membrane Switch

The MBA100 mechanical switch reliably measures the limit in free-flowing bulk materials such as granulates, powders or feedstuffs.

By light pressure of the bulk material on the stainless steel membrane, a switching process is triggered – 950 grams is sufficient.

A microswitch is activated, which triggers an electrical signal. The device itself does not require any current for its function.



    No power consumption in operation and no supply voltage


    No calibration or adjustment required


    Various flange dimensions and materials possible, product-contacting parts made of stainless steel


    Avoidance of blockages in downpipes and bucket elevators


Be it an overfill signal on conveyor belts or transfer stations or securing against clogging in downpipes and bucket elevators, the MBA100 fulfills central tasks in the level measurement of free-flowing bulk solids.

The purely mechanical level indicator is particularly easy to handle. Neither adjustment nor calibration is necessary. A simple attachment to the silo flange using screws is sufficient to connect the signal cable and to operate the MBA100.

By using heat-resistant materials the MBA100 can withstand temperatures of up to 300° C: A distance pipe, an additional flange and a stainless steel sheet prevent the temperature inside the silo being transmitted to the device head.


  • Installation on the side or slightly inclined to 45°
  • Flush finish with container wall
  • Signaling by microswitch
  • Temperature resistant up to 300° C

MBA sensors are custom made to customer specifications, the below link to the product configurator can help determine all the options available to you.

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If you wish to contact us for pricing and lead times please send us an email with the product code the configurator generates for you.