MBA800 Rotating Paddle - Digital Rotating Paddle with ATEX Certifications


Digital Rotating Paddle with ATEX Certifications

The MBA800 electronic, digital rotating paddle series is based on innovative stepper motor technology. The torque and thus the sensitivity of the device are variably adjustable.

Other parameters that influence each other - for example the rotational speed, change in the direction of rotation or the switching time - are grouped in freely selectable parameter combinations. The patented series of devices is maintenance-free, wear-free and is not sensitive to vibrations.



    The device offers maximum application versatility, regardless of the bulk material properties.


    Direct drive without gearbox, return spring or leaf spring; the slip clutch is a functional component of the stepper motor.


    Switching behavior, speed and change in the direction of rotation can be adjusted as parameter sets; sensitivity of the device is separately adjustable, and therefore wing size freely selectable.


    Presetting of the mutually influencing parameters in 8 parameter sets facilitates adaptation to the application; device head removable from the process connection.


    Suitable for the horizontal installation in silos. Shaft and paddle are protected from falling bulk material by the solid rooftop of the angle arm. 


Stepper motor technology has proven its worth in the space industry and long-term tests in the automotive industry since all functional parameters can be adjusted. Speed or tripping time, change in the direction of rotation or signal delay are just a few of these parameters. The device can be easily and quickly adapted to any application. The individual presets of the parameter sets are freely selectable in 8 different steps.

The device series angle arm is complemented by the semi rotating paddle MBA801 and can thus be used in even more special applications in bulk materials.

Infographic MBA800 rotating paddle


  • Explosion protection certified according to ATEX 94/9/EC
  • Available with 24 VDC; 115 V - 230 VAC
  • Wing size freely selectable (from miniature wings up to 2 meters span)


MBA sensors are custom made to customer specifications, the below link to the product configurator can help determine all the options available to you.

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If you wish to contact us for pricing and lead times please send us an email with the product code the configurator generates for you.