MBA801 Halfpipe Rotating Paddle - Level Dection Switch with Semi Rotating Paddle


Level Dection Switch with Semi Rotating Paddle

Thanks to the new product series semi rotating paddle MBA801 with a halfpipe, the modern level measuring devices with stepper motor technology can now be used for even more special applications in bulk materials.
The paddle in the MBA801 Halfpipe is directed downwards by 90° and is therefore ideally suited for horizontal, i.e. lateral, installation in silos. As a result the Halfpipe is put at positions where a fill-level measurement has not been possible until now.
As the shaft and paddle are completely protected from falling bulk material under the roof, the MBA801 Halfpipe can also be used in the bulk material flow – the falling bulk material does not influence the measurement.



    The device offers maximum application versatility, regardless of the bulk material properties.


    Direct drive without gearbox, return spring or leaf spring; magnetic clutch is a functional component of the stepper motor, electronic and configurable torque


    Switching behavior, speed and swivel range of 120° can be adjusted as parameter sets; sensitivity of the device is separately adjustable


    Simple assembly; robust mechanics; independent of application conditions; adjustable application levels (parameter sets)


    12 mm shaft with welded paddle; protective roof directly above the shaft; double seal to the process connection; only 90 mm opening to the silo


The extra-strong shaft (12 mm shaft diameter) is mounted on a firmly welded paddle under a protective cover thereby making is perfectly protected against heavy or abrasive bulk material.The paddle alternates below the protective cover by 120 degrees. The swiveling prevents material from becoming wrapped around the shaft or the paddle jamming and displaying incorrect messages. If the bulk material rises up inside the silo and blocks the swinging paddle, an electronic signal is emitted.

Application areas, e.g.:

  • as a high sensor, empty sensor or low sensor in the silo
  • back-up sensor in the downpipe
  • or measurement above discharge augers or similar conveyors
  • in transfer stations
  • below the discharge edge of conveyor belts


  • Explosion protection certified according to ATEX 94/9/EC
  • Available in the versions:
    MBA811 with 115 V ...230 V AC / 24 V DC (± 10 %)
    MBA821 with 24 V DC (± 10 %) oder 12 V DC
  • Temperature resistant up to 1.200° C
  • Adjustable torque in 10 levels up to 250 mNm

MBA sensors are custom made to customer specifications, the below link to the product configurator can help determine all the options available to you.

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If you wish to contact us for pricing and lead times please send us an email with the product code the configurator generates for you.