MBA888 Maintenance-Free Level Measurment with Stepper Motor ATEX


Maintenance-free Level Measurement with Stepper Motor

The Plug-and-Play version from the MBA800 series is ideal for quick commissioning. All parameters in this model are already set to the most common applications.

It is also possible to connect the non-ATEX version by means of a plug intended for this purpose.

The electronic rotating paddle can be used universally in a wide range of bulk materials and measures reliably, maintenance- and wear-free.



    Measurement in all areas of application, regardless of bulk material properties; automatically changing direction of rotation avoids false signal


    Maintenance- and wear-free thanks to a completely enclosed housing; not sensitive to shocks or vibrations


    High sensitivity due to low torque; avoids faulty switching


Like all devices of this model range, the MBA888 is equipped with a stepper motor. As a Plug-and-Play model, the device offers maximum user-friendliness. The preset parameter set ensures extremely easy handling and optimum performance in almost all types of bulk materials - regardless of properties such as adhesion, trickling or time consolidation. 

The housing of the unit is completely enclosed. Dust, water and bulk material cannot penetrate. Connection and signal cables are connected to the device with an M12 plug. The ATEX version of the device is already equipped with a connection cable. The design of the device prevents mechanical wear, allows maintenance-free operation and is not affected by shocks and vibrations. 


  • Explosion protection certified according to ATEX 94/9/EC 
  • Available with 24 VDC; 115 V - 230 VAC
  • 5 rotations per minute (rpm)
  • Signal delay 3 seconds
  • 5-pin M12 connector with connection cable (non-ATEX)
  • Fixed cable gland and 2m connection cable (ATEX)

    MBA sensors are custom made to customer specifications, the below link to the product configurator can help determine all the options available to you.

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