Mini 433MHz antenna with SMA connector


To be used with 433MHz Gigalink Receivers

The 433Mini is a 18 cm long antenna made for portable applications. It can be used on any 433MHz equipment where a small antenna is required. The termination on the 433Mini is a high quality SMA connector.


  • Tuned to the 433MHz band
  • SMA termination
  • Short length at 18 cm
  • Uses strong molded flexible rubber


Frequency - 430.00 to 440.00Mhz

Turned Bandwidth - 10.00Mhz

Gain - 1.0 dBi

Impedance - 50 Ohms

Maximum Power - 5 Watt

Radiated Pattern - Omni Directional 

Length - 18 cm

Weight - 12 grams

Termination - SMA, Standard