Miniature 433MHz antenna with SMA connector - 433Micro


To be used with 433MHz Gigalink Receivers

The 433Micro is one of our smallest 433MHz antennas. With an overall length of only 45mm, it makes this antenna suitable for places with limited space. Using a high quality SMA connector ensure that there are no losses with the connection


  • Tuned to the 433MHz band
  • SMA termination
  • Very short length at 45mm
  • Uses strong molded rubber


Frequency - 433.00 to 435Mhz

Turned Bandwidth - 2MHz

Gain - 0 dBi

Impedance - 50 Ohms

Maximum Power - 5 Watt

Radiated Pattern - Omni Directional 

Length - 45mm

Weight - 8 grams

Termination - SMA, Standard