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MOFLASH X195 Series 5J Xenon Beacons



The X195 are suitable for security, process control & general industrial signalling applications.

These beacons are of the Flashing mode type (single stage alarm) Xenon beacons (sometimes called strobes) are controlled via a PCB and put out a very brief but bright flash of white light by ionizing and then discharging a large current through the xenon gas. The design allows for termination inside the enclosure. The X195 deep base version offers 2 x M20 side knockouts and 1 x M20 rear. The shallow base (low profile version) allows for cable entry of up to 5mm on the side of the unit (x2) and 1 x M20 knockout at the rear. 

The X197 high power version only allows for internal connection via the M20 rear knockout. Due to the power rating the unit has a rated ’On’ time of 2 hours in any six (see technical data sheet).


  • Xenon 5.0J 
  • Colours: Red, Amber, Green, Blue Clear
  • Voltage options: 15-28VAC/DC, 180-265VAC
  • IP65 rated
  • Flash Speed: 50hz
  • Flashing
  • PC - UV Stabilised
  • 0.25kg
  • 104mm (dia)  
  • -25°C min to +45°C max

Click here for PDF Datasheet