TFKABEL Orange Circular Power Cable, Oil, UV and Chemical Resistant, Flame Retardant


Australian standard power distribution cable

Cable Construction

Class 2 stranding, coloured PVC insulation, flame retardant, UV resistant orange PVC sheath.

Minimum Bending Radius

25mm2 4 x cable diameter

35mm2 6 x cable diameter

Nominal Voltage


Temperature Range

-30oC to +90oC Fixed Installation

+250oC Short-circuit conductor

Colour Coding
  • 2 core + earth : Red, Black, Green/Yellow

  • 3 core + earth : Red, White, Blue, Green/Yellow

  • 4 core + earth : Red, White, Blue, Black, Green/Yellow

  • UV resistant

  • Non compacted conductors

  • Oil & chemical resistant

  • Flame retardant

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