Pro2 HDMI Leads 1m to 40m - Contractor Series



The new Contractor Series HDMI cables from Pro2 now support the new HDMI HIGH SPEED with ETHERNET specification

The main feature set for our Contractor Series leads are:

  • Reliability & Durability
  • Easy, no-fuss packaging
  • Availability
  • Our Pro2 Contractor Series cables are certified.

With gold plated plugs and oxygen free copper conductors, the Contractor Series can deliver full HD 1080p video and HD audio with minimal loss or interference.

The latest revision for HDMI doubles the bandwidth of the original and has opened the door for a host of potential new advancements in Home Theater Audio/Video performance. New features such as 3D support, Deep Colour and higher colour gamuts, 2K × 4K high resolution, and multi-channel audio formats like Dolby True HD and DTS-HD Master Audio will require higher bandwidth demands than ever before.

Pro2 HDMI leads have been designed to cater for existing technologies and aim to be compatible with future upgrades.

Flat design for 0.5m to 5m

Our flat leads provide a stylish—but more importantly—functional, low-profile design. Flat leads are more discreet and manageable than standard cylindrical cables and they also make the cable much more suitable for running down a wall from a wall-mounted flatscreen TV.


  • 1080p Full HD support
  • 19 pin HDMI A male connectors
  • PVC jacket
  • 100% OFC triple shielded