PROCON ELECTRONICS MD103 Magnetic Field Vehicle Detector Loop - 12-24VDC



MD103 PROBE - MD103 Magnetic Field Vehicle Detector 12-24VDC

Save time and money creating not making your own loops and cutting excess concrete.

The MD103 PROBE can be buried in the road surface underneath the vehicle, alongside the vehicle or can be mounted above the ground next to the passage of the vehicle.

The probe is a magneto resistive sensor which is used to measure the earth’s magnetic field. Any change in the magnetic field due to the presence of a vehicle will be detected resulting in a signal output.

It has been designed for parking and access control applications and is a cost-effective solution for detecting vehicles in order to facilitate the automatic opening of security gates. It requires a minimal amount of cutting in the road surface.

Key Features

  • Easy to install – no need to cut induction loops
  • Quality brand, guaranteed reliability
  • Can be used for presence and pulse
  • 12/24VDC Power input
  • Can be installed underground or on static post/side of a driveway
  • 15 Meter Cable or 30 Meter Cable (Cut to desired length)

MD103 Manual - Click Here