RALOS Instrumentation Cable Overall Screened to AS/NZS 3808


High temperature PVC V90HT overall screened


RALOS cables are mainly used in data processing and process control; they can also be used for general transmission of electrical signals in any systems of remote control, indication, telemetering, monitoring and analysis where it needs to be protected from interference to the transmission signal by other electrical circuits. Reference Standard: BS EN 50288-7; AS/NZS3808


Stranded plain annealed copper wire Class 2 acc to AS/NZS 1125 0.5mm2 (7/0.3mm); 1.0mm2 (7/0.45mm) 1.5mm2 (7/0.5mm)

Insulation and sheath material

High grade Extruded Polyvinyl Chloride PVC 90o C(V-90HT)

Core Colour

Pair element: Black and white and all cores numbered. Triad element: Black, white, red and all cores numbered.

Overall screen

A stranded tinned annealed copper drain wire(16/0.2mm) is helically applied between the lapping polyester tape and the aluminium foil (100% coverage) for extra protection against noise and interference.

Technical Data

  • Rated voltage: 500 V AC
  • Max. conductor resistance: DC @20o C, acc to AS/NZS 1125
  • Min. Bending Radius: 6 x cable diameter
  • ROHS compliant: Yes
  • EC low Voltage directive: Yes

Operating temperature

Minimum conductor continuous operating temperature: -25o C.℃

Maximum conductor operating temperature: 90o C℃

Permanent continuous conductor operating temperature: 75o C℃

Short circuit temperature for 5 sec: 160o C℃

The maximum conductor temperature specified is based on the properties of insulation material but in practice may need to be derated to take account of joints and terminations and environmental conditions.

The cables should not be flexed when either the ambient or cable temperature is below 0o C