Rotary Tool Kit with Flexible Shaft


Rotary Tools with Flexible shafts are particularly useful for porting heads in engines, but have a multitude of other applications where you need to get into a tight space or get more control of the bit.

The kit consists of a powerful 32,000 RPM rotary tool that you can use with numerous attachments in the usual way, plus a 1m long flexible shaft. The flexible shaft attaches in seconds to give extra versatility. Suitable for modelmaking, automotive, workshop, art, jewellery or sculpture.

Rotary tool

Speed: 10,000 - 32,000 RPM
Power: 135W
Size: 210(L) x 52(Dia)mm
Shaft length: 1000mm


  • Sanding arbours
  • P80 sanding belts
  • Sanding discs
  • Collets: 2 x 3/32", 2 x 1/8"
  • Drill bits: 2 x 1/16", 2 x 3/32"
  • Grinding stones: 20 x 4mm wheel, 10 x 4mm wheel, 15 x 10mm cylinder, 12 x 10mm cylinder, 7 x 4mm cylinder, 20 x 10 bullet, 11 x 8mm tapered bullet
  • Tungsten carbide burrs: 3mm straight, ball profiles
  • Diamond coated burrs: 4mm ball, 2mm fine cone taper, 3mm pinecone, 4mm cone
  • Polishing wheels: 12, 25mm
  • Steel, fibre wire brushes
  • 30mm cut-off wheels
  • 20 x 4mm grinding wheels
  • Paint-removing wheel
  • 3/8" collet spanner, arbours, shafts, polishing compound.