SICK W16 Small Photoelectric Sensor - 0mm to 7000mm, up to 10000mm Reserve - M12 4 Pin Connector - 1218660


W16 The highflier in object detection

The W16 is equipped with new technologies such as TwinEye, LineSpot, ClearSens and OptoFilter for reliable object detection. It can be quickly and conveniently adjusted via the BluePilot operating and display concept. Since every W16 is designed as a Smart Sensor, it can be configured to fit the application via IO-Link and offers additional diagnostic functions and Smart Tasks. It is therefore a trailblazer on the path to Industry 4.0. The highly-visible PinPoint LED and the infrared LED are available as the light source. The durable laser inscription ensures device identification in the long run. Thanks to the very rugged VISTAL® housing and the predictive maintenance, the W16 offers very high reliability and prevents unplanned machine downtimes.

  • Technologies: ClearSens, LineSpot, TwinEye, OptoFilter
  • BluePilot: Optical alignment aid, adjustment of the sensing range via Teach-Turn adjustment with optical sensing range indicator or via IO-Link
  • PinPoint LED: Light-intensive red sender LED
  • Smart Sensor: Enhanced Sensing, IO-Link, Diagnostics, Smart Tasks
  • Vistal housing: High chemical, thermal and mechanical resistance


Functional principle Photoelectric retro-reflective sensor
Functional principle detail Autocollimation
Sensing range
Sensing range min. 0 m
Sensing range max. 10 m
Maximum distance range from reflector to sensor (operating reserve 1) 0 m ... 10 m
Recommended distance range from reflector to sensor (operating reserve 3,75) 0 m ... 7 m
Reference reflector Reflector PL80A
Recommended sensing range for the best performance 0 m ... 7 m
Polarisation filters Yes
Emitted beam
Light source PinPoint LED
Type of light Visible red light
Shape of light spot Point-shaped
Light spot size (distance) Ø 80 mm (5 m)
Maximum dispersion of the emitted beam around the standardized transmission axis (squint angle) < +/- 1.0° (at Ta = +23 °C)
Key LED figures
Normative reference EN 62471:2008-09 | IEC 62471:2006, modified
LED risk group marking Free group
Wave length 635 nm
Average service life 100,000 h at Ta = +25 °C
IO-Link For configuring the sensor parameters and Smart Task functions
LED blue BluePilot: Alignment aid
LED green Operating indicator
Static on: power on
Flashing: IO-Link mode
LED yellow Status of received light beam
Static on: object not present
Static off: object present
Flashing: Below the 1.5 function reserve
Special applications Detecting objects wrapped in film

Electrical Data

Supply voltage UB 10 V DC ... 30 V DC 1)
Ripple ≤ 5 Vpp
Usage category

DC-12 (According to EN 60947-5-2)

DC-13 (According to EN 60947-5-2)

Current consumption ≤ 30 mA, without load. At UB = 24 V
Protection class III
Digital output
Number 2 (Complementary)
Type Push-pull: PNP/NPN
Signal voltage PNP HIGH/LOW Approx. UB-2.5 V / 0 V
Signal voltage NPN HIGH/LOW Approx. UB / < 2.5 V
Output current Imax. ≤ 100 mA
Circuit protection outputs Reverse polarity protected
Overcurrent and short-circuit protected
Response time ≤ 500 µs 2)
Repeatability (response time) 150 µs
Switching frequency 1,000 Hz 3)
Pin/Wire assignment
Function of pin 4/black (BK) Digital output, light switching, object present → output QL1 LOW; IO-Link communication C
Function of pin 4/black (BK) – detail The pin 4 function of the sensor can be configured, Additional possible settings via IO-Link
Function of pin 2/white (WH) Digital output, dark switching, object present → output ǬL1 HIGH
Function of pin 2/white (WH) – detail The pin 2 function of the sensor can be configured, Additional possible settings via IO-Link


Mechanical Data

Housing Rectangular
Dimensions (W x H x D) 20 mm x 55.7 mm x 42 mm
Connection Male connector M12, 4-pin
Housing Plastic, VISTAL®
Front screen Plastic, PMMA
Male connector Plastic, VISTAL®


Ambient Data

Enclosure rating

IP66 (EN 60529)

IP67 (EN 60529)

IP69 (EN 60529) 1)

Ambient operating temperature –40 °C ... +60 °C
Ambient temperature, storage –40 °C ... +75 °C
Shock resistance

50 g, 11 ms (25 positive and 25 negative shocks per axis, for X, Y, Z axes, 150 shocks in total (EN60068-2-27))

50 g, 6 ms (5,000 positive and 5,000 negative shocks per axis, for X, Y, Z axes, 30,000 shocks in total (EN60068-2-27))

Vibration resistance 10 Hz ... 2,000 Hz (Amplitude 0.5 mm / 10 g, 20 sweeps per axis, for X, Y, Z axes, 1 octave/min, (EN60068-2-6))
Air humidity 35 % ... 95 %, Relative humidity (no condensation)
Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) EN 60947-5-2
Resistance to cleaning agent ECOLAB


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