Traffic Light Push Button/Sensor Input Controller with Programmable Timer


Manually change traffic light states from red to green or green to red via an external push button(NO)/Sensor Input(NO), programmable timer can be set to any time interval to reset traffic light back to its original state.

(push button not included, normally closed push button needed)

Assembled in Melbourne, Australia

1-2 week lead time for manufacture


Power Input
110-240VAC IN
1: Active L
2: Neutral N
3: Earth 

Traffic Light Output
4: -24VDC (Common)
5: -24VDC (Common)
6: -24VDC (Common)
7: -24VDC (Common)
8:  +24VDC (Module 1)
9:  +24VDC (Module 1)
10:  +24VDC (Module 1)
11:  +24VDC (Module 1)
8:  +24VDC (Module 2)
9:  +24VDC (Module 2)
10:  +24VDC (Module 2)
11:  +24VDC (Module 2)

Push Button/Sensor Input (Normally Open)
12: NO
13: Common


Supply requirements 110-240VAC Input
Traffic signal outputs 24VDC, 4 x red/green, common negative.
Schneider off-delay timer
Housing IP66 UV Stablised Metal Enclosure, Wall Mountable.
Controller dimensions 300mm (H) x 200mm (W) x 150mm (D).