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LAPP KABEL UNITRONIC® DeviceNet FD THICK+THIN - Highly flexible and UL/CSA-certified



Highly flexible and UL/CSA-certified

  • For highly flexible applications
  • DeviceNet™ connects industrial devices e.g. limit switches, photoelectric switches, valve islands, motor starters, drives, PLCs, etc.
Product Features
  • Based on proven CAN (Controller Area Network) technology.
  • Permissible cable lengths vary with the data rate and the cable thickness
  • Refer to data sheet for more details
  • PUR (P) Version: Halogene free PVC (Y) Version: Flame retardant (UL FT4)
  • UV-resistant (but colour may change after some time)
  • PUR: UL/CSA-certified (CMX)
  • PVC: UL/CSA CMG 75°C FT4 Sun Res Oil Res, at 2170346 also PLTC
Product Make-up
  • Core insulation: PE
  • Outer sheath of Polyurethan (PUR) or Polyvinylchlorid (PVC)

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