2.1A USB Charger Wiring Kit


A USB power socket with weatherproof cover, suitable for mounting on motorbikes, under-dash on boats or open-top cars.

Outputs 5VDC to power or charge Smartphones, Tablets, GPS, etc. Mount to almost any surface using screws, cable ties, double-sided tape, etc (Mounting hardware not included).


  • Supplied with 1.2m fused lead with SAE connectors for easy disconnects.
  • Power input: 12-24VDC
  • Output: 5VDC, up to 3A


Cable length : 1.2m
USB Voltage Input : 12.0V, 24.0V
USB Voltage Output Range : 5.0V
USB Current Output : 2.1A
Removable : Not Removable
Mount Method : Anywhere