igus Chainflex Australia


World's No. 1 in terms of choice, testing and guarantee

Fail-safe cables for motion in e-chains®

Cables in energy chains or connected to robots need special properties if they are to function reliably over a long period of time in spite of large cycle numbers, high speeds and accelerations and challenging ambient conditions. The igus® chainflex® product range includes everything from control cables, servo cables, motor cables and robot cables to bus cables, data cables, encoder cables and fibre optic cables.

  • 25 years of experience - 36-month guarantee
  • Tested in our own laboratory spread over an area of 2,750 sqm, 125 test systems, over 600 simultaneously running tests
  • The largest assortment with 1,244 cable types for data, bus and hybrid systems, control and drive
  • Calculable and configurable service life
  • Available from stock, from 1 m length within 24 hrs.
  • Cables for any type of motion: horizontal, vertical, torsion, high speed - in different environments: oil, coolant, clean room, high and low temperature
  • Free samples available
  • 50% time reduction when stripping due to unique CFRIP technology

More information about igus chainflex can be found here