MBA200 Rotating Paddle


The MBA200 limit switch is discontinued. The digital rotating paddle meter MBA800 offers all functions according to newest standards. 

MBA200 Rotating Paddle "TYPE MAIHAK"

Point Measurement with rotation.

The MBA200 works reliably and almost completely independent from the bulk material’s characteristics. Robust, safe and reliable – since more than 7 decades the rotating paddle devices are established and proven equipment. The high appreciated and robust construction with attractive advantages are been redesigned to the optimum.


full, demand or empty measurement 

  • Large casing for easy wiring
  • plug-in instrument head
  • hybride bearings for temperatures up to 1200°C
  • faster cable installation
  • delayed switching in case of falling bulk material
  • self-monitoring
  • stainless steel bearings
  • energy-saving AC voltage-motor
  • no juddering of relay
  • safety-oriented switching
  • vertical, horizontal or inclined
  • Adjustable coupling for different immersion depths
  • stainless steel versions for food applications
  • with ground wiring cable if necessary
  • shaft rigid, flexible, wih/without protection tube, angled version
  • different immersion depths